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Advanced Bio-Refinery produces environmentally responsible products from renewable sources.  Green chemistry process with 100% water recycling.  Use any woody biomass feed stock.
Bioplastic Resins, bio-degradable, renewable and sustainable sourced from lignin.
 Cellulose and Hemi-Cellulose are catalytically converted to Ethyl Acetate

Bioplastic resin, sourced from any woody biomass type.  A natural phenol classed as a Racemo Iso Hexad, for high temperature applications.  A thermoset natural resin produced by an environmentally responsible technology using "Green Chemistry".  A zero waste stream net zero carbon footprint process with 100% water recycling.  High solids water based resin suitable for many forming applications.  Tg > 900 Degrees Celsius.

Any woody biomass or mixtures can be converted to Ethyl Acetate.  Useful compound in many applications including food and beverage.  A non toxic molecule with flavor enhancing benefits for foods and beverages.  It is used in a wide range of applications worldwide from adhesives to gunpowder.

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