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Liquid Hydrocarbons  

Liquid hydrocarbons produced by EDIOL from woody biomass sources are useful in many industrial applications.  Including advanced biofuels.  Drop in ready liquid hydrocarbons can be a gasoline fuel additive to improve fuel economy and octane ratings.  Branded as Woodolene. 

Iso Pentane from "Hemi-Cellulose"

Derived from woody biomass, renewable and sustainable liquid hydrocarbon.  A branched aliphatic hydrocarbon can be used as a chemical intermediate or biofuel additive.

Image by Kind and Curious
Iso Hexane from "Cellulose"


Iso Hexane is a bio-based liquid hydrocarbon 100% derived from woody biomass sources.  A renewable and sustainable compound derived from glucose sugars or deoxygenated cellulose.  A branched aliphatic hydrocarbon.  Biofuel octane rating 102.

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